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iOS 7 Siri Improves

iOS 7 Siri Improves


Wouldn’t it be nice if Siri could pronounce names correctly? Well soon your wish will be coming true.


Siri for iOS 7 will now ask for clarification when having trouble pronouncing a name, or, you can manually teach Siri to learn the correct pronunciation.


Facebook users exposed


Six million Facebook users have been exposed by a Facebook bug.

Personal details such as emails and telephone numbers have accidentally been shared with people that normally wouldn’t have access to that information. A security advisor said that the exposure happened because of the way in which Facebook uploaded contact lists and address books onto the site.

The bug was discovered by an outside programmer. Facebook said that the information was probably shared with people who already knew the exposed individuals. The bug has been fixed.

Hampton Needs Residents' Help to Battle Mosquitoes

Hampton Needs Residents' Help to Battle Mosquitoes

Hampton, Va. – Summer is here, which means that mosquito season is in full swing.

Hampton officials are using an ultra-low volume spray to battle certain species, but city officials are asking residents to help in the battle against the small Asian Tiger mosquito.

The city’s Environmental Services Division continues to apply larvicides to areas with still water, such as roadside ditches, woodland pools, and curb drop inlets. The larvicide prevents young mosquitos from reaching adulthood.

Together, the spray and larvicide will help get rid of saltmarsh and woodland mosquitos in the area, said Chris DeHart, entomology team leader for the city. However, the Asian Tiger, which feeds during the day and rests at night, is less susceptible to those daytime efforts.

Recall on Jeep Liberty Strollers

96,000 Jeep Liberty strollers have been recalled by Kolcraft. The Consumer Product Safety Commission said that 18 people have been injured by the tires of these strollers blowing out. The injuries took place when the tires were being inflated, causing cuts and bruises to the face, head, torso, arms, or legs. The strollers were sold at Burlington Coat Factory, Sears, Toys R Us, and other retailers in the US and Canada between June 2010 and June 2013.





‘Tweet’ will now be in Oxford English Dictionary

The Oxford English Dictionary will officially recognize the word ‘tweet’ in its June 2013 update. The chief editor, John Simpson, says that including ‘tweet’ breaks the rule that a new word has to be current for 10 years before considering its’ inclusion in the dictionary.




Amazon Birthday Gift Via Facebook

Amazon has launched ‘Amazon Birthday Gift’ to make it easier to send gifts to Facebook friends. By going onto

Amazon’s website and connecting it with your Facebook account, Amazon will show you a list of upcoming

birthdays. Electronic Amazon gift cards can be sent in $1, $5, $10, or $25 increments. Mutual friends can be invited

to pitch in with the gift giving. On the receiver’s birthday, the individual can claim their gift via the birthday message

link on their wall.

Hampton University Loses Beloved Honors College Director

Hampton University Loses Beloved Honors College Director

Dr. Freddye T. Davy, director of the Honors College at Hampton University passed away on Saturday June 2, 2012. Having been a faculty member at the university since 1994, Davy enhanced the curriculum for the Honors College by initiating seminars and establishing rituals for induction and graduation. She was also the founder and executive director of the National W.E.B. DuBois Honor Society, a program for pre-college students that recognizes and promotes scholastic achievement, leadership development, and active participation in community activities that support life-long learning skills.

Before she came to Hampton, Dr. Davy spent thirty-four years as a public school teacher in Arkansas, Washington D.C., Maryland, in addition to seven years at Benedict College, located in South Carolina.