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Magruder Road claims another life in Hampton

The man behind the wheel of a mangled car lost control on Magruder Boulevard early Tuesday morning and ended up dying eight hours later.

The driver of a dump truck ran a red light on Magruder at Butler Farm Road Tuesday morning hitting seven cars and injuring nine people.

"It's a scary thought when you hear tires screeching," Hampton driver Steven Brooks says he could have easily been part of the ugly scene had he left home a minute or two earlier yesterday.

He also said that accidents like this are all too familiar thanks to speedsters on Magruder. "You hear cars racing down the road like they're on a speed strip."

It's an issue for many Magruder drivers that NewsChannel 3 spoke with is the longstanding 55 miles an hour speed limit. Lowering it, they say could lower the collision count.

Downtown Hampton Marketplace

Downtown Hampton is the place to be this weekend, as several family fun events are taking place.  A great way to kick off the weekend is to visit the Downtown Hampton Marketplace. Saturday, June 18 from 9am-1pm, the market place will offer a business of the week, special seminars, vendors, and fresh produce on sale by regional farmers.

Queensway in Downtown Hampton will come alive with musical performances by Cody and Austin. Also, artistry will take place by Claudia Cronenberger.  A special feature this week will be the chance to dunk Holly Williams from BOB FM in a dunking booth.  The dunking booth will raise money for education programs at the Virginia Air and Space Center.

The featured business of the week is Benton Knight LTD. The company was founded in 1955 in Hampton and has since provided quality men’s clothing and personal service to the Hampton Roads area.

Saturday Summer Funfest in Downtown Hampton

Saturday Summer Funfest in Downtown Hampton

Searching for family fun and entertainment in Hampton Roads? This weekend Saturday, June 18, Downtown Hampton will transform into a beach party fun fest. The event will feature music from Butter, a four piece rock-n –roll band based out of Virginia Beach.

Butter has become a local success at the water front at Virginia Beach.  Known for rocking out by the water for the past seven years, Butter was named Hampton Roads' Best Local Band in 2008 by Hampton Roads Magazine.

Along with the rock sounds from the featured band, families can enjoy inflatable rides, face painting and arts in crafts sponsored by the Calvary Assembly of God. Admission is free however unlimited participation in special activities for kids is $4. Saturday Summer Street Fest will be held from 6pm to 11pm on Queensway in Downtown Hampton

For more information call 757-727-0900 or visit www.vasc.org

Sea turtle washed up on Buckroe Beach

Folks that live on Buckroe each say this is the second time this week they have walked up on a dead turtle.

"Our neighbor said last year there were four so two already and the summer hasn't even begun. I can only imagine what's going to be out here," says neighbor Melissa Lemons.

Neighbors enjoying a warm day on the water say it was immediately clear the turtle wasn't there to enjoy the sunshine like everybody else.

"It smelled horrible and you could tell it had been threw a lot," says Melissa.

The stranding team says she is a victim of a boat propeller.

"She has been hit twice. There is a good cut through on the front and back," says Doug Dibona with Virginia Aquarium Stranding Team.

They believe the loggerhead was well over 200 pounds, making it difficult for even two men to hoist her in the truck.

Job fair in Hampton

At a crowded job fair in Hampton there are a lot of people looking for work.

They have all made their way to the fair for different reasons.

"I recently graduated from Old Dominion University," says graduate Ron Watson.

"I was in the Navy for about 30 years. Just retired 3 weeks ago," says Angelo Whittier.

Carol Anderson made the move from California because of it's a bleak job market where she was working in the parks service.

"I moved here about 3 months ago. There have been a lot of layoffs even parks closing. So it's pretty drastic," says Anderson.

She is hoping to find some new opportunities here like many others in the area.

The job fair has drawn people from all over Hampton Roads. Organizers say more than 750 people have stopped by looking for work.

Congressman Rob Wittman who sponsored the event says there is some good news for those people.

150th Anniversary of The Battle at Big Bethel

Friday June 10th marks a weekend of commemoration for the 150th anniversary of the Battle at Big Bethel. Hampton residents are invited to attend a weekend of events to remember the first instance of open combat during the American Civil War.

 The weekend kicks off Friday with a lecture by author John Quarstein at 6:30pm at the Hampton History Museum. The presentation will feature excerpts from Quarstein’s new book, “Big Bethel: The First Battle” Quarstein will also host a book signing immediately following the lecture. Admission is free for museum members and $3 for non members.

 The following morning will be a ceremony to unveil the Union Big Bethel Monument and a wreath laying at the memorial honouring Pvt. Henry Lawson Wyatt, 1st North Carolina Volunteers, CSA. The unveiling will be held at the Big Bethel Battlefield at Bethel Park.

 The Hampton History Museum is located at 120 Old Hampton Lane.

Hampton Roads area lane closure forecast

Hampton Roads area lane closure forecast

SUFFOLK – The Virginia Department of Transportation (VDOT) has developed a web-based program that enables us to now provide an electronic version of the Hampton Roads Area Lane Closure Forecast.  We have included an Excel formatted forecast, which will enable you to query the lane closures by a number of fields including date, location, and city.


For a more comprehensive look at this upcoming week’s lane closures, visit Lane Closure Advisory Management System (LCAMS) for more detailed information.



I-64 East/West Hampton Roads Bridge-Tunnel Tide Gate Testing – The HRBT will be closed this Sunday, June 5, from 5 a.m. to 8 a.m.