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Bed bugs found in motel in Hampton | News

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Bed bugs found in motel in Hampton

Yvonne Christian can't stop scratching.

She woke up to a few uninvited guests in her room at the Hampton Manor Motel--bed bugs.

"This hurts, the itchiness and all. This hurts," complained Christian.

Christian's staying with a relative today, but earlier this week on Tuesday, she checked into the motel. The next day she woke up itching.

"I could just feel bites. I was like something don't feel right, " says Christian.

She took pictures of bites across her back, near her neck, her arm, forehead and some other places on her body.

She's still wearing the emergency room bracelet from her trip to Riverside Regional yesterday.

Her medical records confirmed that she was having an allergic reaction to bed bug bites.

Christian says that the owner of the Hotel, Bhupendra Patel, refused to give her money back.

Now Christian, who doesn't have health insurance, is stuck paying for her doctor's visit and a prescription she says she can't afford.

"I checked in with nothing. I come out with this," says Christian.

Christian's niece recorded her conversation with Patel after Christian called the health inspector yesterday. Patel tried to downplay the issue.

"Bed bugs are all over the country. It's no big deal," said Patel.

NewsChannel 3's Jessica Larche took action and actually went to the motel to ask the owner a few questions.

A man fitting Christian's description of Patel came out from behind the manager's desk.

Jessica found an inspection report for the Hampton Manor Inn. In her research, she discovered that inspectors previously found several bugs in one room, dead roaches in the microwave in another and dead insects in several cabinets.

Hampton Health Department records that she obtained did not indicate if the motel is currently facing any fines or violations.

Christian just hopes sharing her story will stop others from having the same bed bug burden she's facing.

"At least compensate me, the hospital bills. This is something I have to deal with and pay, the prescription, I have to do all this, for nothing that I done wrong than check into this motel room," says Christian.


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