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Man who embezzled $480,000 pleads to filing false tax returns

By Peter Dujardin, The Daily Press, NEWPORT NEWS — A Hampton man pleaded guilty Monday to submitting false tax returns that omitted more than $480,000 that he took from his employer, a Newport News medical firm.

Terry A. Miller, 47, once served as accountant and then comptroller for Virginia Home Medical, in Newport News.

Getting routine reports isn't always routine

By Ashley Kelly and Peter Dujardin, The Daily Press,

Freedom of information isn't always free — or easy.

Curtis M. Penn, 38, of Hampton, strangulated himself in September with a shoe string while being held at the Hampton Sheriff's Office lockup — the first suicide there in 18 years. That day, one of Hampton Sheriff B.J. Roberts' top assistants, Col. Karen Bowden, was requested and promised the Daily Press a copy of the suicide report once it was complete.

But since we asked for the document on May 4, we've met resistance.

Neither Roberts nor Bowden replied to an initial phone call and e-mail request. When Bowden finally returned a second voice mail left more than a week later, she said that because the incident is the subject of a lawsuit, it was "secure" and could not be released.

Police: Car stolen in Hampton is used in robbery at Newport News bank

By Mike Holtzclaw, The Daily Press, NEWPORT NEWS—Police are investigating the robbery of a restaurant manager this morning at a bank in Newport News, and the suspect fled the scene in a car that was reported stolen in a carjacking in Hampton earlier this week.

4-year-old victim took stand in sex assault case

By Peter Dujardin,The Daily Press, HAMPTON — One early morning last year, a man was discovered by a family member going into his 4-year-old granddaughter's bedroom.

The 4-year-old later told her father that her grandfather had, over the course of several months, put his hand on her genitals while she sat on his lap.

Then she told doctors and police. Finally, in April, the girl, who had turned 5, took the witness stand in Circuit Court and told the same story. "She was specific and consistent," said Hampton Assistant Commonwealth's Attorney Donna Maw.

Police bust Hampton businesses suspected of illegal cigarette sales

HAMPTON — Local and state police, along with federal agencies, staged an operation this morning targeting several Hampton businesses suspected of illegal tobacco sales.

The operation focused on seven businesses in Hampton accused of selling cigarettes illegally. The targeted businesses were: Buckroe Beach Market, Hampton Oriental Market, George's Deli, Beach Market, Mega Mart, Fox Hill Convenience and D&E Food Mart. Police confiscated 3,178 packs of cigarettes Wednesday from the businesses with an estimated worth of $21,950, according to Lt. Jim Crotts, of the Hampton police department. Police began investigating businesses throughout Hampton in February.

Police charged the following people during the operation: Hilme S. Nous, Wendy Tso, George Antanuos, George B. Toves, Reda T. Aziz,

Hampton police investigate Honda car thefts

By Ashley Kelly, The Daily Press, HAMPTON — There's something about Hondas that attracts thieves.

Thieves have swiped at least 24 Hondas in less than six months in Newport News and Hampton. In Hampton 12 cars have been stolen since January. Some of the vehicles were left unlocked, while others were unlocked with the keys inside. Some cars were left running.

While Hondas are often stolen for their parts, this is not the case in the recent thefts in Hampton, police say.

"They might steal a Honda from Newport News and come in to Hampton and the car either runs out of gas or they park it next to another vehicle they take," according to Detective Nakia Clarke.

Parents of slain Hampton man search for answers

Hampton police say 21-year-old Travis Jones was shot to death Monday night and then dumped in the parking lot behind the net center in Newmarket Square Shopping Center.

"They killed my son and they took him away from me," said Kris Jones, the victim's mother.

Kris Jones still can't believe that her youngest son, 21-year-old Travis Jones, is dead.

Hampton police say around 8:30 p.m. Monday night they received a call that someone pulled a body from a silver Nissan Altima before driving off.